Tochni Lakkia - (by Dr David Sewell)

Tochni Lakkia is an archaeological site situated on the central south coast of Cyprus in the Vasilikos Valley. This coastal site was originally discovered by the Vasilikos Valley Project (VVP) in the 1980's. Their survey suggested that the site consisted of Late Bronze Age and Archaic period remains with a scatter of later period pottery as well (Todd 2004: 133). In 2010 a visit by the author to the site suggested that is was undergoing extensive coastal erosion and that a programme of investigation was needed. Between 2011 and 2014 four seasons of survey, geophysical prospection, underwater survey and excavation were carried out. Some of the results of this work are presented below. The 2013 and 2014 work was largely funded by a grant from the Honor Frost Foundation to whom we are extremely grateful. The team would like to thank members of the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus for facilitating this research. We would also like to thank the BBC and the staff of the BEMRS who were extremely helpful and we are grateful to them for allowing us to undertake the research on their land.

Location of Tochni Lakkia on the south coast of Cyprus. Also marked are the Late Bronze Age sites of Kalavasos Ayios Dhimitrios and Maroni Vournes and Tsaroukkas.

Tochni Lakkia in 2011, showing eroding walls, floors and features such as an in-situ pithos from the Late Bronze Age.